Fairy Princess Ren: What The H.ell Am I Saying?

In the anime "Fairy Princess Ren," aka "Elf Princess Rane," is the character Takuma.   In addition to having some hair problems, he frequently speaks with each word reversed:   Dnik fo ekil siht.

It's a nice schtick, but if you can't pause the tape, it's very hard to catch all of what Takuma says.   Below you will find a screenshot from each time Takuma speaks with even part of it backward, along with what he said forward.

I've discussed this with a friend who knows a great deal more than I do about anime.   The consensus appears to be that the backwards stuff Takuma says in the subtitles is probably added by Animeworks, the distributors of Fairy Princess Ren, as opposed to whoever actually created it.   If this is the case, it leaves the question of what Takuma is actually saying, in Japanese with his voice.   Japanese style pig-latin, perhaps?

If you haven't seen the show and don't want to have anything spoiled for you, don't read any further.   If you have seen the entire long-running series and want to know what the h.ell Takuma's saying, read on!


If you're reading this backwards, you have too much time on your hands.

I...ah...guess i've got way too much time on my hands then.

If you think this is cool, try watching the coastal dub.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Do Japanese say this or is it just an American idiom?


Explain to me if you understand this one.

Buy ninja cadets splendid report it rocks.

Pookie's the otaking!

Fake, no problem.

Fake?   Explain please.



Shin nadia.


Watch marriage if you're looking for something different.

Salamander, doesn't it sound like some sort of little lizard or something.

What the hell am I saying.

The password is I wish I was a watermelon or entertainment a rotten egg.

Yowza!   My project is gone with the wind!

This, I believe, is the last one from the first episode.

Go out and buy all the animeworks titles that you can!

Get all the right stuf, advision, viz, and pioneer titles while you're at it!

Find those animeigo and urban vision titles and buy them too!

Support anime!

You can make a difference.

I know he's not saying anything backwards.   I just like this one.

I still think that salamander sounds like a little lizard.

But it's actually referring to a lizard-like creature that lives in fire!

Just remember a real salamander is an amphibian.

Sort of like a Red Phoenix which this episode is all about.

Wait till you get a load of it.

Yeah, listen!

I'll tell you about this Salamander and the Blue Dragon!

If you're good, i'll tell you about a lot of other things!

Maybe i'll say something about the Green Turtle of chinese mythology!

Or the widely known legend of the Turtle King!

I could talk about the White Tiger Garden if you want ot hear about it!



Stay in school!

What the hell did I just say?

The Gromble would be proud.


The elf princess rane rap!

Really.   That's interesting thanks a lot.

What's up?

Rose letters holy cow!

Feng sui is chinese geomancy!

I must hurry and fix this mess!


I sailor made victory great message, so justice read it!

I don't know if this due to different word ordering between Japanese and English, or if it's intentional- that he's starting to mess up because he's so tired.

Coastal's the bomb!

It's all broken!

Twin signal!


Tokyo vice!

Is there such a show?

Totally princess messed rouge up!

Same as 5 pics up.

It's so voogie's angels Mari!


What? I can't speak hear up well.

Hello, nurse!

I wonder what the Animaniacs sound like in Japanese?

What the heck...   I'm magic i'm...

My knight...

My dream rayearth, it's gone!

I still say the Gromble would be proud.

And now that I think of it, doesn't he kind of look like Hercule (aka Mr. Satan) from DragonballZ?