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7 Faces Of Dr Lao
9 Out Of 10 Doctors Agree


Abhorrent Admirer
Absent Minded Professor
Absolute Comparitive
Absurdly High Level Cap
Absurdly Sharp Blade
Abusive Parents
Accepatable Targets
Acquitted Too Late
Action Girl
Actually Pretty Funny
Actually Thats My Assistant
Adam Westing
Adults Are Useless
Affably Evil
Afraid Of Needles
All AI Is A Crapshoot
All Crimes Are Equal
Alleged Car
All Natural Snake Oil
Alternate History
Alternate Universe
Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome
Aluminum Christmas Trees
Amazingly Embarassing Parents
Analogy Backfire
And 99 Cents
And I Must Scream
Andre The Giant
Animal Superheroes
Animal Grinding
Anti Humor
A Nuclear Error
Appeal To Nature
Arbitrary Maximum Range
Arc Fatigue
Area 51
A Real Man Is A Killer
Arrested For Heroism
Arson Murder And Jaywalking
Artificial Atmospheric Actions
Artistic License- Martial Arts
Ascended Fanon
Ascended Meme
Aside Glance
As Long As There Is One Man
Ass Pull
Atomic F Bomb
Author Existence Failure
Awakening The Sleeping Giant
Awesome But Impractical


Badass Army
Badass Decay
Badass Grandpa
Bad Guy Wins
Bad News In A Good Way
Bait And Switch Comparison
Barrier Warrior
Beam Me Up Scotty
Be As Unhelpful As Possible
Beat Them At Their Own Game
Bechdel Test
Becoming The Mask
Before And After Pictures
Behind The Black
Being Evil Sucks
Being Good Sucks
Best Is Average Better Is Best
Beware The Nice Ones
Beyond The Impossible
Big Dumb Object
Big Rigs Over The Road Racing
Biting The Hand Humor
Black Comedy
Blatant Lies
Blazing Saddles
Blessed With Suck
Blind Idiot Translation
Blunt Metaphors Trauma
Boke And Tsukkomi Routine
Bond Villain Stupidity
Bonus Dungeon
Boobs Of Steel
Bothering By The Book
Brain In A Jar
Brand Names Are Better
Brand Name Takeover
Bread Eggs Milk Squick
Breaking The Bonds
Breaking The Fourth Wall
Break The Badass
Break The Haughty
Bridge Bunnies
Brilliant But Lazy
Broken Aesop
Bruce Lee
Brutal Honesty
Bullet Catch
Bullying A Dragon
Bunny Ears Lawyer
Butter Face
But You Screw One Goat


Cab Drivers Fallacy
Cable Satellite Mudslinging
Calling Me A Logarithm
Call Knows Where You Live
Cake Eater
Canon Discontinuity
Cartwright Curse
Censored Eleven
Cereal Vice Reward
Cerebus Retcon
Chaotic Stupid
Character Derailment
Characterization Marches On
Chaste Toons
Cherry Tapping
Chewbacca Defense
Choose Your Own Adventure
Christmas Cake
Christopher Titus
Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
Church Of Happyology
Closer To Earth
Cloud Cuckooland
Cloud Cuckoolander Anime
Clueless Aesop
Coconut Effect
Coincidental Accidental Disguise
Colony Drop
Combat Pragmatist
Comically Serious
Comics Code
Companion Cube
Completely Missing The Point
Complete Monster
Computer Is A Cheating Bastard
Confirmation Bias
Confusing Multiple Negatives
Consumer Conspiracy
Continuity Nod
Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
Cool And Unusual Punishment
Cool Starship
Cordwainer Smith
Coup De Grace Cut Scene
Courage The Cowardly Dog
Cousin Oliver
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Prepared
Creator Backlash
Credits Gag
Critical Existence Failure
Critical Research Failure
Critic Proof
Crosses The Line Twice
Crouching Moron Hidden Badass
Crushed Childhood Memories
Cult Colony
Cultural Cross Reference
Curb Stomp Battle


Dark And Troubled Past
Dark Side
Dead Baby Comedy
Dead Man Switch
Death From Above
Death Note
Death World
Deceptively Simple Demonstration
Defeat Means Friendship
Delayed Explosion
Demonic Spiders
Department Of Redundancy Department
Derailed For Details
Destructo Nookie
Deus Ex Machina
Dick Dastardly Stops To Cheat
Did Not Eat The Mousse
Did They Or Didnt They
Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu
Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu
Dirt Forcefield
Disaster Dominos
Dish Dash
Disk One Nuke
Disney Acid Sequence
Disney Death
Disney Owns This Trope
Dissonant Serenity
Distracted By The Sexy
Distracting Disambiguation
Divide By Zero
Doctor Girlfriend
Does Not Understand Sarcasm
Does This Remind You Of Anything
Domestic Abuser
Do Not Attempt
Dont Ask Just Run
Dont Explain The Joke
Dont Fear The Reaper
Doomsday Device
Dour Roulette

D (cont'd)

Double Entendre
Double Take
Do Wrong Right
Drill Sergeant Nasty
Duck Season Rabbit Season
Dudley Do Right Stops To Help
Duke Nukem 3D
Dulcina Effect
Dumbledore The
Dummied Out
Dungeon Bypass
DVD Commentary
Dying Moment Of Awesome
Dyson Sphere


Eagleland Osmosis
Earn Your Happy Ending
Easy EXP
Electric Instant Gratification
Elephant In The Living Room
Else World
Empty Cop Threat
Enemy Chatter
Enforced Method Acting
Enjo Kosai
Epic Fail
Ernest P Worrell
Even Mooks Have Loved Ones
Everybody Remembers The Stripper
Every Car Is A Pinto
Exact Time To Failure
Exact Words
Executioner Mack Bolan
Executive Veto
Exiled From Continuity
Explosions In Space
Explosive Instrumentation
Eye Of The Beholder


Face Death With Dignity
Face Fault
Face Heel Turn
Face Palm
Fake Food
Failed A Spot Check
Fake Rip Van Winkle
False Dichotomy
Family Unfriendly Aesop
Fanon Discontinuity
Fanservice Extra
Fantastic Anthropologist
Far Side
Faux To Guide
Fetish Retardant
Fiction Isnt Fair
Fifth Element
Finagles Law
Final Countdown
Final Girl
Finger Poke Of Doom
Fingertip Drug Analysis
Foregone Victory
Four Equal Payments Of
Freeze Frame Bonus
Fridge Horror
Frothy Mugs Of Water
Fun With Subtitles


Gag Boobs
Gamblers Fallacy
Gatling Good
Genocide Dilemma
Getting Crap Past The Radar
Girl Scouts Are Evil
Godiva Hair
Godzilla Final Wars
Godzilla Threshold
Go Mad From The Revelation
Good Bad Bugs
Grand Finale
Grave Of The Fireflies
Green Rocks
Grey Goo
Grim Reaper
Groo The Wanderer
Groundhog Day Loop


Half Life
Hammer Horror
Happily Married
Harsher In Hindsight
Hates Everyone Equally
Have You Told Anyone Else
Head Scratchers
Head Tiltingly Kinky
Heel Face Door Slam
Heel Face Turn
Heel Realization
Hello Nurse
Heroic Bystander
Hidden Depths
High Octane Nightmare Fuel
Hilariously Abusive Childhood
Hilarious Outtakes
Hitler Ate Sugar
Hollywood Healing
Honor Before Reason
Honor Harrington
Hooked Up Afterwards
How To Invade An Alien Planet
How To Survive A Horror Movie
How To Survive A War Movie
Humans Are Cthulhu
Humans Are Warriors
Hurricane Of Excuses
Hypercompetent Sidekick


I Am Not Leonard Nimoy
I Am Not Spock
Idiot Ball
Idiot Of The Week
Idiot Plot
If Jesus Then Aliens
If You Call Before Midnight Tonight
If You Can Read This
If You Know What I Mean
I Gave My Word
Ignore The Fanservice
I Have Boobs You Must Obey
Immortality Hurts
Immortality Immortality
Immune To Bullets
Implausible Synchronicity
Inaction Sequence
Incorruptible Pure Pureness
Incredibly Lame Fun
Incredibly Lame Pun
Incredibly Obvious Bug
Incriminating Indifference
Inertial Dampening
Inferred Holocaust
Infraction Distraction
Infinite Supplies
Infrared Xray Camera
In Game TV
Innocent Fanservice Girl
Insane Troll Logic
Inside A Computer System
Instant Death Bullet
Insurmountable Waist High Fence
Intelligence Equals Isolation
Intercontinuity Crossover
Intergenerational Friendship
Invisible Wall
Iron Buttmonkey
It Got Worse
I Think You Broke Him
I Thought Everyone Could Do That
It Runs On Nonsensoleum
Its For A Book


Jail Bait Wait
Jaywalking Will Ruin Your Life
Jerkass Facade
Joker Immunity
Just Between You And Me
Just Eat Gilligan
Just Pennies A Day
Just Plane Wrong


Katamari Damacy
Keep Circulating The Tapes
Kick The Dog
Kill Bill
Killer Rabbit
Kill Sat
Kill Screen
Knight Of Cerebus
Knight Templar Parent
Kobayashi Maru
Kudzu Plot


Lampshade Hanging
Laser Guided Karma
Last Second Chance
Lawful Stupid
Law Of Inverse Recoil
Leaked Experience
Leaning On The Fourth Wall
Least Is First
Leave No Witnesses
Leeroy Jenkins
Lensman Arms Race
Leslie Nielsen Syndrome
Lets Get Dangerous
Let Us Never Speak Of This Again
Level Grinding
Level Scaling
Lies Damend Lies And Statistics
Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck
Linear Warriors Quadratic Wizards
Love At First Bite
Love Hotels

Macross Missile Massacre
Madden Into Misanthropy
Made From Real Girlscouts
Made With 100 Per Cent Pure Grade A Crap
Mad Scientist
Magical Girlfriend
Magikarp Power
Major Generals Song
Mama Bear
Mass Oh Crap
Martial Arts Do Not Work That Way
Martyr Without A Cause
Mathematicians Answer
May Contain Evil
Mean Character Nice Actor
Meaningless Meaningful Words
Meat O Vision
Medium Awareness
Meet Joe Black
Men In Black Movie
Mid Battle Tea Break
Milking The Giant Cow
Mind Rape
Minion With An F In Evil
Minus World
Miranda Rights
Missed Moment Of Awesome
Missing White Woman Syndrome
Mister Rogers Neighborhood
Mobile Suit Human
Mohs Scale Of Science Fiction Hardness
Moment Killer
Mood Swinger
Mook Chivalry
Mook Horrow Show
Morality Pet
Most Common Super Power
Motel Hell
Motive Decay
Motorcycle Dominoes
Ms Fanservice
Mugging The Monster
Mushroom Samba
My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels
My Little Panzer
My Name Is Inigo Montoya


Naked Apron
Narrator Interactive
Narrator Unreliable
Negative Continuity
Never Live It Down
Never Needs Sharpening
Never Speak Ill Of The Dead
New And Improved
New Game Plus
Nice Job Breaking It Hero
Nice Job Fixing It Villain
Night Of The Lepus
Nipple And Dimed
No Except Yes
Nobody Poops
No Endor Holocaust
No Fourth Wall
No Hero Discount
No Holds Barred Beatdown
Noodle Implements
Noodle Incident
No OSHA Compliance
No Plans No Prototype No Backup
Normally I Would Be Dead By Now
No Sympathy
Nosy Neighbor
Not Helping Your Case
Not Me This Time
Not So Imaginary Friend
Not Using The Z Word
Not What It Looks Like
Nuke Em
Number One Dime


Obfuscating Stupidity
Obstructive Beaurocrat
Office Lady
Office Space
Off The Rails
Old Master
Old Shame
One Dimensional Thinking
One Hit Kill
One Phone Call
One Scene Wonder
Only Bad Guys Call Their Lawyers
Only One Allowed To Defeat You
Optional Sexual Encounter
Overly Long Gag
Overshadowed By Awesome


Papa Wolf
Paranoia Gambit
Path Of Most Resistance
Penn And Teller Bullshit
Percussive Prevention
Perfect Solution Fallacy
Perpetual Frowner
Personal Raincloud
Person Of Mass Destruction
Pet The Dog
Physical God
Pity The Kidnapper
Plot Armor
Plot Hole
Plot Induced Stupidity
Pointy Haired Boss
Politically Correct History
Pop Station
Portable Hole
Portal Pool
Powered By A Foresaken Child
Power Perversion Potential
Powers That Be
Powerup Letdown
Precision F Strike
Prejudiced For Pecs
Pride Before A Fall
Princess Bride
Problem With Pen Island
Properly Paranoid
Prosecutors Fallacy
Puff Of Logic
Pull The Thread
Punch Punch Uh Oh
Pungeon Master
Put Down Your Gun And Step Away
Put On A Bus
Put On A Bus To Hell
Pyrrhic Victory



Rage Against The Author
Raging Stiffie
Rainman The
Raised By Wolves
Ralph Wiggum
Ram Scoop
Rapid Fire Fisticuffs
Rashomon Style
Rasputin Death
Reactionary Fantasy
Reading Stage Directions Out Loud
Real Heroes
Reality Ensues
Reality Is Unrealistic
Reality Warper
Really 700 Years Old
Reasoning With God
Red Eye
Red Shirt
Red Stapler
Repeat After Me
Rescued From The Scrappy Heap
Results Not Typical
Ritch Bitch
Ridiculous Future Inflation
Riding The Bomb
Roaring Rampage Of Revenge
Robot Chicken
Romantic Plot Tumor
Romantic Two Girl Friendship
Rule 34
Rule 34 Creator Reactions
Rules Lawyer
Rustlers Rhapsody


Sadist Teacher
Sammys Glass Eye
San Dimas Time
Sanity Slippage
Save The Villain
Scary Black Man
Scenery Censor
Schizophrenic Difficulty
Schizo Tech
Schoolgirl Lesbians
Schrodingers Butterfly
Sci Fi Writers Have No Sense Of Scale
Secret Government Warehouse
See The Whites Of Their Eyes
Semper Fi
Sentient AI Warning Signs
S (cont'd)

Sequence Breaking
Serious Business
Sex As Rite Of Passage
Shaggy Dog Story
Shapeshifting Squick
Sharp Shooter Fallacy
Shoo Out The Clowns
Shooting Superman
Shoot The Shaggy Dog
Shown Their Work
Shrouded In Myth
Shrug Take
Silliness Switch
Silver Age Of Comics
Smart Ball
Snipe Hunt
Soap Box Sadie
Social Services Does Not Exist
Soft Glass
Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped
Something They Would Never Say
So My Kids Can Watch
Space Marine
Space Western
Spanner In The Works
Special Effect Failure
Sphere Of Destruction
Spice Rack Panacea
Spotting The Thread
Spousal Privilege
Springtime For Hitler
Spy Satellites
Squirrel Girl
Standard Female Grab Area
Starscream The
Stay In The Kitchen
Stealth Hi Bye
Stealth Pun
Stephen Hawking
Sticky Situation
Stock Footage Failure
Stock Yuck
Story Breaker Power
Straight Man
Straw Feminist
Streisand Effect
Subverted Suspicion Aesop
Suicidal Overconfidence
Summon Bigger Fish
Sunk Cost Fallacy
Super OCD
Superpersistent Predator
Superweapon Surprise
Super Zeroes
Survival Mantra
Suspicious Video Game Generosity
Swirly Energy Thingy


Take A Third Option
Take That Scrappy
Talkative Loon
Talking The Monster To Death
Team Rocket Wins
Teased With Awesome
Technological Singularity
Telivisually Transmitted Disease
Temporal Paradox
Testosterone Poisoning
Tethercat Principle
Thanks For The Mammary
That One Level
There Is No Kill Like Overkill
The So Called Coward
The Wesley
They Fight Crime
They Just Didnt Care
They Killed Kenny
This Is Sparta
This Loser Is You
Threat Backfire
Through The Eyes Of Madness
Throw It In
Throw The Dog A Bone
Time Abyss
Time Crash
Time Dilation
To Catch Heroes Hire Villains
Tom Hanks Syndrome
Tongue On The Flagpole
Too Dumb To Live
Too Incompetent To Operate A Blanket
Took A Level In Badass
Took A Level In Dumbass
Too Spicy For Yog Sothoth
Tora Tora Tora
Too The Pain
Training From Hell
Trash Of The Titans
Triang Relations
Turkish Star Wars
TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life
Twenty Minutes Into The Future
Two Negative Premises
Typhoid Mary
Tyson Zone


Ultimate Job Security
Unacceptable Targets
Underestimating Badassery
Undistributed Middle
Unfortunate Implications
Universal Genre Savy Guide
Unreadable Disclaimer
Unreadably Fast Text
Unrealistic Black Hole
Unsound Effect
Unstoppable Rage
Unwinnable By Insanity
Urban Legend Of Zelda


Values Dissonance
Vasquez Always Dies
Very Special Episode
Victorious Childhood Friend
Video Game Cruelty Potential
Video Game Cruelty Punishment
Villain Ball
Villain By Default
Villain Corner


Wall Master
Walking The Earth
Watership Down
Wave Motion Gun
We Care
Weird Trade Union
What Are Records
What An Idiot
What Could Have Been
What Could Possibly Go Wrong
What Do You Mean Its Not Awesome
Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow
What Happened To The Mouse
What If
What Measure Is A Mook
What The Hell Hero
What The Hell Player
What You Are In The Dark
Wheel Of Time
When All You Have Is A Hammer
Where Eagles Dare
White Mans Burden
Whose Line Is It Anyway
Whos Laughing Now
Whos On First
Who Wants To Live Forever
Why Did It Have To Be Snakes
Why Did You Make Me Hit You
Wild Child
Willfully Weak
With Catlike Tread
Witness Protection
Wondrous Ladies Room
Woobie Destroyer Of Worlds
Would Hit A Girl
Worf Effect
World Of Badass
World Of Cardboard Speech
World Of Ham
Worlds Strongest Man
World War Z
Worth It
Wounded Gazelle Gambit
Wreaking Havoc
Writers Can Not Do Math
Write Who You Know
Wrong Genre Savvy
WTH Casting Agency


Xanatos Gambit
Xeelee Sequence


Yank The Dogs Chain
Yes But What Does Zataproximetacine Do
You Are Worth Hell
You Can Keep Her
You Didnt Ask
You Fail Animal Care Forever
You Fail Astronomy Forever
You Fail Economics Forever
You Fail History Forever
You Fail Law Forever
You Fail Physics Forever
You Fail Sex Ed Forever
You Fail Statistics Forever
Your Costume Needs Work


Zerg Rush
Zero Approval Gambit
Zero Effort Boss
Zero G Spot
Zeroth Law Rebellion
Zipang Manga
Zombie Aocalypse
Zombie Infectee