What is it?

A giant world-wide treasure hunt, sort of.

So what's the story?

Go to the geocaching site and enter your location (coordinates or just zip code). A bunch of geocaches in your area will be listed. Pick one and enter the lattitude/longitude info into your gps receiver. I'd suggest taking a copy of any descriptive info on the page as well (it's under a rock that looks like blah blah, etc). Drive/bike/walk to the coordinates. Look around for the box/container. Take one gift/toy/thing out, put one (that you brought with you) in. Sign the log book if it's there. Sign in to the web site and write that you found that particular cache.

 Yesterday (February 2, 2003) was my first day of geocaching. I found two geocaches.

 One, in a clear plastic container, was very close to the road and fairly easy to find. I took the Oscar Meyer Weenie Whistle (no Dream Date!) and left a lanyard kit with instructions.

 The other, in a small ammo box, took a bit of hiking to get to. I walked past it several times before I found the very well-hidden box. I took a hackey sack and left (another) lanyard kit with instructions.

 Other stuff I have ready for other geocaches: 3 more lanyard kits, 5 packs of 45 Magic The Gathering (2nd ed) cards, 2 Slayers mousepads, and 2 Sega Genesis cartridges- both 'Desert Strike- Return To The Gulf.'

 I haven't had that much exercise in one day in a long time. Whole lot of walking. Mainly due to the last geocache of the day, I attained a level of dirtiness not experienced since childhood. Aches, pains, and blisters since I don't get out much these days. Definitely worth it though- made me feel like I earned the days' adventures.

 If I ever get around to making a geocache of my own, I have several ammo boxes of various sizes. Seeing as how I have an extra Sega Genesis at this point, I might feel generous... Also, if I run out of ideas for stuff to contribute, I thought about giving cards good for 1 free hour of math tutoring.