10 Moments Of Spontaneous Badassery
12 Of Gods Biggest Dick Moves In The Old Testament
15 Misleading Movie Posters
15 More Misleading Movie Posters
27 Perfectly Timed Photos
3D Printed Nanoscale Spaceship
419 Scammer Interview
419 Scam Victim
4th Ammendment Applies At Border/Passwords Not Suspicious
6 Badass Airline Pilots
6 Frequently Quoted Incorrect Animal Facts
6 Insane Gameshows
6 Lies About Founding Of America
6 Special Effects That Aren't CGI
8 Cases Of Internet Vigilantism
9/11 Flight Data Faked
9/11 Pilot
9 Traumatizing Moments: Kids Movies


A-12 Oxcart
ABL First Light
Abe Lincoln Denied Facebook Patent
Abscess Treatment
ACLU App To Record Police Stops
Acoustic Weapon Vs Anti Whalers
Africanized Honey Bees
AF Academy Christian Hate Crime
Airport Opts Out Of TSA
Anaheim Vote Ban Red Light Cameras
Animal Disguises
Antibiotic Resistant Infections
Arabic Tshirt Covered
Arabs Believe In Force Fields
Arizona Bill Targets Photo Radar
Armadillos And Leprosy
As Seen On TV Misleading Ads
ATT Uses Magic To Upgrade To 4G
Australia Bans Small Breasts


Banned From Walmart For No Receipt
Bill Nye Bood By Creationists
Biofuel Land Use
Bipolar And Creative Genius
Black Hole Simulator
Bored Uh Oh Nonsequitur


Calibration Error Galena, KS
Calibration Error, Philadelphia, PA
Calibration Error, San Francisco, CA
Calibration Error, Washington, DC
Decimal Point Error

Building Collapses On Brick Thieves
Buying Alcohol Without A Membership
British Sex Injuries
Bubbles Bursting
Buying A Car


Can Cops Commandeer Cars
Car Dealer Scams
Carry A Starter Pistol When Flying
Catholic Church Approved Of Gay Marriage
Catholic Priest Says Children Are Seducers
Celebrity Blackbelts
Chair Kills Boy
Charity For Troops Spent On Liquor And Movies
Charity Telemarketers
Children Traumatized By Janet Jackson
China Trusts Prostitutes
Chinese Pet Shops Puppies Heroin
CIA Edits 1984 Animal Farm
Citizens Of Ferriday, LA Angered By Drug Bust
Clarence Gideon Right To Counsel Precedent
Cocaine Turkey Mules
Colonel Sanders In Japan
Colonoscopy Shows Roach
Comfort Women Monument Irritates Japan
Comic Book Girl
Concealed Weapons In Arizona
Cop Gets Ticket
Cop Threatens Execute Over Concealed Permit
Copiers Store Copies
Copyright Family Photos
Copyright Yearbooks
Corrupt Philadelphia Cops
Cosmonaut Knows Will Die On Re-entry
Couple Loses 4th Child Due To Fathers Past
Court Sides With Student Over Textbooks
Crazy Dictators
Curriculum Of Madness


D&D Hammer Attack
Debunking Magnetic Therapy
Depression And Evolution
Diamond Industry
Died Of Trash
Disneyland 6 Stories They Dont Want You To Know
Dispute Credit Report Item
Dogs Kill Owner
Dozier Boot Hill Cemetary Interim Report
Dozier Florida Investigates
Dozier School 24 More Bodies Found
Dr Conan T Barbarian
Drilling In US Does Not Lower Gas Prices
Dr Laura Response
Drug Dog For Hire
Drug Dogs Sniff Unconstitutional Search
DSMV To Drop 2 Diagnosis


Egyptian Muslims Shield Christians
Elevator Rage
Eminent Domain Chinese Style
Evil Clown For Hire
Evolution In The Lab
Exploding Knife Tip


Fairfax PD Conceals Info On Shooting Unarmed Man
Fake Booty Calls
Fansub Failures
Fansub Failures 2
Fansub Failures 3
Father Accused Pedo Photo
Filming Police Is Legal
Fire Fee Lawsuit In California
Flying Spaghetti Monster Dog Tags
Flying The SR71
Food Trays As Dirty As Toilets
Foreclosure On Bank Of America
Forensic Linguistics
Free Speech Applies To Trademarks
Freshly Ground Black People
FTC To Ban Robocalls
FTC Vs. Rachel From Cardholder Services

Ganzfield Procedure
Garlic Poisons Dogs
George Takei Responds To Traditional Marriage Fans
Get A Man To Listen
Giant Check
Global Warming Debunking
Goats Clear Trash
God Is Not The Creator
Green Light Cameras
Gun Control For Everyone But Feinstein


Hacker Poo
Hamster In Traffic
Hand Sanitizer Lie
Highest Scrabble Score
Hillary Beats Bill
Hillary Nightmare To Work With
Hitlers Nephew Joins The US Navy
How Do Cranes Get On Top Of Skyscrapers
How Many Balloons To Lift A House
How To Bypass Australian Firewall


If Movie Characters Didn\'t Make Horrible Decisions
Indiana Jones Trivia
IP Address Does Not Equal A Person
Inspirational 80s Songs
Internet Enabled Umbrella
Is There A Demand


Jabba The Hutt
Japan Daily Smile Scans
Japanese Mayor Supports Use Of Comfort Women
Jesus And Buddha Power Rangers
Judge Blames Woman For Being Sexually Assaulted By Cop
Judge Fines Himself For Using Smartphone
Joe Davis Poetica Vaginal


Keene NH Suing People For Paying Others Parking Meters
Kill Bill Info Graphic Kuritas


Laser Powered Fly Swatter
LAUSD Claims Cell Video Attempted Lynching
Leaving The Toilet Seat Up Analysis
Litter Box Mistaken For Meth Lab
London Genealogy Records
Lower Merion Carol Cafiero Claims No Privacy
Lower Merion Carol Cafiero Takes 5th
Lower Merion Is Watching You
Lucky Coyote


Mad Science Passed Off As Art
Magazine Sales Crews
Magazine Sales Slavery
Magnetar Blast
Man Trapped In Woman During Sex
Man Wins Trial 4th Ammendment On Chest At Airport
Marketing At Whole Foods
Microsoft Sweatshop
Middle Finger And The Law
Mom Claims Manga Drove Son Insane
Moon Bandwidth
Morrowind Singularity
MRSA Strain In Cows And People
Muhammed Cartoonist Panic Room


Naugles Reopens
New Zealand Movie Cache
Nintendo Expired Patents Vs Expired Protection
No Global Warming Report Supressed
North Korean Hamburger
Not In The Bible
No Warrant Strip Searches

NY Times First Article About Hitler


Obamacare Exemption For Amish
Obama Not Born In US
Oh My God Particle
Old Man Henderson Beats Cthulhu
OMG At Least Back To 1917
Origami Small
Ostrich Is Into You


Pagan Mom Challenges Bibles At School
Paper Airplane Record
Paralyzed Woman Finished London Marathon In Bionic Suit
Passenger Who Refused TSA Acquitted
Patrick Tribett
Perverted Childrens Toys
Pest Control Chinese Style


PETA Crashes Biker Gathering
PETA Dumps
PETA Kills
PETA Kills More Than 95%

Photographer Harassed By Phoenix PD
Phrases Men Love To Hear
Photography Is Not A Crime
Polanski Wife Whines
Police Can Be Videotaped
Police Chief Tickets Self
Police Dodge Right To Record Law
Pomeranian On Scooter
Pomeranian Vs Owl
Prime Numbers And RSA Ciphers
Printers Without Cartridges
Produce Numbers
Professor Gropes Using Logic
Pro Gun Native American Billboard
Project Pluto



Racist Doug Story Outed
Rat Hoarders
Razzle Dazzle
Receipt Door Toys R Us
Recording Cop Case Dismissed
Recording Customer Service Legally
Recording Police Is Legal
Red Light Cameras And Tickets

Florida Shortens Red Light Time
Ohio Judge Rules Against Traffic Cameras
Red Light Camera Ban Supported By Sheriff
Red Light Cameras Dumped In CA
Red Light Camera Case Struck Down
Red Light Cameras Dont Improve Safety
Red Light Cameras Rejected In Sulphur, LA
Red Light Cameras In CA
Red Light Cameras Not Secure
Red Light Houston Ends
Red Light Lawsuits In Florida
Red Light Ticket Beaten With Math
Red Light Tickets Refunded
Red Light Tickets Signed By Dead Officers

Religion Does Not Make You Love Your Neighbor
Republicans Losing Female Voters
Reusable Shopping Bags And Bacteria
Reverse MJ Sting
Rights When Pulled Over
Robot Fruit Pickers
Romantic Movie Gestures That Get Prison Time


Saddam Interview
Scientology Youtube Takedown Fight
SCOTUS Pager Vs Email Difference
Screensaver Constitutes Search
SD Supreme Court Cursing
Seattle PD Lies Videos Not Deleted
Service Animal Definition
Service Animal Means Dog Only
Shapiro Accepts Razzie
Shooting Video At TSA Checkpoints
Singularity (Technological)
Skyrim Tricks
Slave Writes To Old Master
Smart Crows
Smart People Believe Weird Things
Snails Survive Being Digested
Sniper Record Shot
South Dakota Limits Search Of Travelers
Speed Camera Challenged Daily Log Required
Speed Camera MD Attorney Beats
Speed Camera Reasonable Doubt
Speed Trap Cars In Queensland On Facebook
Spontaneous Badassery
SSN Facts
Street View Denied
Student Loan Repayment
Student Rejected For Diversity Post Because He Is White Hetero Male
Student Rights And The Constitution
Stupid People Dont Ask Dont Tell
Suffragette Surveillance
Suicide By Cop In Houston
Suicide With A Pack Of Cards
Superman Used To Be A Dick
Suspect Recs Cop Perjurs
Swedish Chef Translated


Taliban From Outer Space
Tank Shell Moment Of Impact
Taser Law In California
Taser Use In CA Requires Reason
Tax Deductions Allowed On 1099
Tax Writeoffs For The Self Employed
Thalidomide Kelsey
Theft Charges Dropped Against Non Tippers
Things That Arent In The Bible
Tips For Single Women In 1938
Traffic Jam On I-10
Travel Tricks
Truecrypt Bypass
Truecrypt Bypass (Slashdot)


TSA Alaska Bill Would Criminalize TSA Screening
TSA Pat Down Refusal
TSA Photos
TSA Seattle Man Doesn\'t Show ID
TSA Screening
TSA Steals 500 Dollars From Traveler
TSA Threatens Man To Not Cover Story
TSA Wants To Expand


Ugly Cat
Unicorn Meat Protested By National Pork Board


665,000 Incomplete Backgrounds
A Threat To National Security
Cummings Report On USIS
Deflecting Scrutiny
Hireright Company Profile
Hireright Merges With USIS
History Of Rushing Investigations
House Of Represenatives:  USIS Formed
Huffington Post:  USIS Articles
Issa Subpoenas OPM For Background Info
Justice Dept: USIS 40% Fraudulent Cases
Nailed Again Big Time
OPM Subpoenaed For Records
Probe Zeroes In On USIS
USIS And Hireright Complete Merger
USIS Bought By Providence Equity
USIS Buys Hireright
USIS Company Profile
USIS Contractor Pleads Guilty
USIS May Have Hidden Fraud
USIS Not Allowed To Do Final Reviews
USIS Sued Over Workload
Vetted Snowden And Navy Shipyard Shooter
Workers Felt Pressure

US Naval Dominance


Video Professor Scam
Vince Offer Scientology


Walmart Sued For Insurance Policy On Employee
Walmart Videotapes Bathroom
War Dogs
War Of The Worlds: Panic Was Hoax
Weare PD Claims Public Recording Is Felony Wiretapping
Welfare Overload
Weird Vending Machines
Wet Willie Assault
When Cashiers Ask For Zip Codes
Wikileaks Reading Is A Felony
Witchcraft Burning
Woman With Parrot Throws Inhaler At Police
Worlds Biggest Alarm Clock
Worlds Strongest Vagina
WWII Carrier Pigeon With Secret Message


Xenu Confirmed


Your Faith Doesnt Count


Zombie Outbreak Would Fail
Zombie Preparedness Guide By CDC
Zombie Preparedness Guide By CDC 2